Sunday, October 6, 2013

What shoe color would matches this dress?

So my friend just invited me on her mom's party this coming November.  It's a neon party so we should wear neon cocktail dresses. Yup, It should be cocktail. (That's what she said) So I searched at Google about neon cocktail dresses. I found this one and I'm loving it!
I'd like to wear something cute and simple like that. As for the acessories, thank goodness I have bangles similar as that. Thanks to my Aunt who gave that to me. :) For my hair, I don't think too much what should I do to my hair since I love hairstyles and Cute Girls Hairstyles are there to help me. That's one of the YouTube Channel that I really really love to visit. So.. now, I was thinking what color of shoe would be perfect for this dress? Any ideas? :)


  1. Orange can comes with yellow or green neon looks good.... put ur accessories on the same colour of ur shoes it would be great...
    Or maybe u don't like wearing neon shoes just use neon bag, little bag like pouch it's gonna be cute...

  2. Hi @Verna Ermina! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :) I think wearing neon shoes is not that bad. I'd go to yellow neon or if not, pouch will be good too! :))