Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy birthday

To my little sister, Sidney Danielle kulit. <3

Unproductive me

Hi! today is Saturday and I'm having a free time for myself. Or in other words being an unproductive. :) If I would have to list what I've done today, It would be "eat" and "watch" and "eat" again. I've been away for a lots of months here in my blog, still I don't know what to write, or I just don't know where should I begin.

Anyway, My family and I went to Isabela last week to attend my cousin's debut. We didn't take lots of picture since our cam was broken. -__- That's my second time going to Isabela as they say. The first was when I was still a kid. But the second was great and I had lots of fun in just a short time. It took us 15 hours just to get there.

We went first to Marikina to fetch our cousins then goes straight to Nueva Ecija to meet our grandpa and other companions who will be going to Isabela  too. I was amazed as we crossed 2 mountains. T'was a bit scary tho. Good thing that my father is the one who's driving and since I know how great he is in driving, then there's nothing for me to worry about.

Oh how I miss the fresh cold breeze of the wind in a country. Btw, We rode an elf. I missed that too! We often ride an elf truck before. I still remember riding it with our Nanay, Tito Tommy and Lolo Masao. With my sisters and cousin, Ron. We were in the back of the truck eating supreme noodles which is Sotanghon and we are having a hard time how to eat it because the car's moving and the noodles were hot. :D

All in all, It was fun drive, fun vacation, fun experience. I wanted to go back there with my family and relatives again. It is just something that will your stress go away.