Thursday, November 28, 2013

2 Hairstyles

Hi friends! So what am I going to share to you now is two hairstyles I've learned from Cute Girls Hairstyles. I do it on my sister's hair because I much love doing hairstyles to others than my own hair. But I love curling my hair though my hair has a natural big waves. :)

The first thing I'm going to share is the "Diagonal Bow Braid." It is my first time trying to do this so pardon me if it's a bit messy. Here's the picture. :)

Diagonal Bow Braid
I don't think I did a good job here actually. You see, we both have a really thiiiiiin hair. -__- and I didn't divide and grab her hair proper when doing the bow. The first bow is kinda thin and the last one is a bit thick.

The next hairstyle I made is the "Flower Dutch Braid." and my sister likes it more. She didn't remove this hairstyles not until she goes to bed. :)

Flower Dutch Braid
I like it more too! Haha! Maybe because it suits her well. And one more thing I like about this hairstyle is it makes our hair look thicker! :D

So yeah, that's it for today! :) I really love doing and learning new hairstyles. :) Every time I do hairstyles, I posted it on my Facebook account and It really got lots of likes. So I made an album there and it was one of the albums that has many likes. I think it has more likes than my photos. HAHAHA!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hi guys! I'm back at my blog. So while I'm still in the mood to start an entry, I'm gonna share to you guys the new stitch I've learned. Whenever I got bored. The first thing that comes to my mind is "I want to knit." Seriously. Haha! Anyway, first of all, I would like to congratulate myself for learning an easy way to knit. The continental style. Yaay me! :DD

So back to what I was going to share. The new stitch I learned. The Cable Knitting. I thought it was hard but thank god it's not. :) So I tried to make a bracelet first. I don't want to start a big project while I was still learning a new stitch.

I love these design. It's so simple and I love braid! :)

I found a free pattern somewhere here on the net and watched how to use the cable on YouTube. What more can I say? I love this hobby I have and of course. I want to thank the internet and the people who share their intelligence about knitting for free! :) I've really learned a lot from the internet! :D and now the word "Bored" is slowly leaving me now!

Friday, November 8, 2013


Hello!Pardon my laziness that I can't maintain writing an entry once in a week. -_-

Anyways, remember the last time I posted something about the neon party I'm going to attend? And yeah, I decided to stick with an orange dress and I found one somewhere.
It is a cocktail dress that I would like to wear. I found lots like these in mall but can't find the color that I like. The Orange. Until I saw these one. Not so similar but at least it's orange. :) Hahaha! 
Sorry if it's a bit blurry. -_-
I got my bangles from my Aunt from Japan. My sis lost the pink one in our province. -_-

I wore silver stilettos. Don't have a close photo. I forgot to took one. I curl my hair by using rollers and I do my own makeup. Oh well, I do everything by my own. I'm so proud. LOL

I enjoyed this party because my closest friends are here, except Mia. -_- Really! I'm so lazy that I don't know now what to say. Just let me share some of my photos with my friends. :)

From Left to Right. Kany, Evan, Phoebe, MC, Rox, Yen, Me, Yvette and SU wearing red :)

I with MC and MC's mom :)

I with Nilo && Kim. Go Orange! <3

From left to right. Phoebe, MC, Veniece, Kim, Yvette, Su and I :)

With my very closest to closest friend of all!