Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm back! Just now :)

Hi! It's been how many months since I've been away in my blog. I miss writing here. :) So I'm back for a while. I guess. I've been busy because I have a work now. I do sometimes miss doing the things that I usually do before like, reading blogs, just watching anime, (Haha!) doing some art crafts, and of course! Knitting! :) I have my Red Heart Yarn here that was given to me by my boyfriend. I decided to use it to make a knitting bag. I've already made my own pattern but unfortunately I can't find a good time to start it. -__- But it's okay, I know there will be that time. ^^

 In a long months that I've been away here not updating my blog, I've done some changes to in myself. I sleep early now especially in weekdays, and of course, I have work now. By the way, I worked as an English Tutor for Koreans. :) and one more changes is my hair. :) I've dyed my hair in Natural Brown. It's a shampoo and I love the way it turns out. :) I bought it from Etude House. One more thing I like about it is, it is very easy to use. I want to pose some photos for you to see but right now, I'm a bit sleepy and kinda lazy to take a picture. Haha! So maybe next time, I'll post it on here.

I always have a lot of things that I want to share here in my blog but too bad, I just can't find time due to my busy schedule? Not so busy but every time I got home from work, all I want to do is to eat some food, take a shower, brush my teeth and just go to bed. :)