Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let's join!

Hi guys! So this post is just my random fandom. LOL! :) As you know, I love watching Cute Girls Hairstyles and Brooklyn and Bailey's video.

The twins (Brooklyn and Bailey) just uploaded their newest video. Watch it on their YouTube Channel or here is the link: Halloween Candy Haul & Giveaway! It's so easy to join and yeah, I just joined this giveaway. Yaaay! Let's have some fun! You will looove their giveaways. I really want to try those Gummy earwax and gummy boogers. Hahaha! What a weird name for candies isn't it? :) That's why it looks so fun to try these! So make sure to watch the video. They have lots and lots of weird and sweet giveaways to give! :)

Look how pretty they are. I reaaally love their eyes. & the hair of course!
I got the picture from Cute Girls Hairstyles's website. Check out their website. Here's the link!

So yeah. That's all folks! ♥

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