Thursday, October 17, 2013

My new hobby

I got a new hobby! Yaaay! Let me introduce it to you. :)

Practicing stockinette :)
I said it before on my G+ that I'm interested in Knitting and wanna learn how to knit. As I love doing DIY's and learning other crafts. Searching for other DIY's and some other crafts that I can do and learn, I frequently saw these knitting which gave me a big curiosity, and what really gave me the attention to learn how to knit is those "Knitting needle" I was like, that's amazing! 2 needles like it was dancing. Hahaha! (I'm funny) but yeah, it really is the reason. It was a bit the same on crochet (I think)

I've watched different tutorials on YouTube, and tried it after. I have my yarn but I don't have those knitting needles yet. But since I really like to try it as soon as I can, I used my chopsticks! Yes! Chopsticks! Hahaha! I've practiced knitting and made these Bow hairpin and it turns out good. Yaay me! :)

I love ribbon, so I made another one, but this time a headband and this time I have my knitting needle already. :) It's my second DIY headband anyway. I'll post the picture of my 1st DIY headband just to show you. ( it's not related on knitting though.)

This is my second diy headband and 2nd time knitting a bow. :)
 I tried to practice knitting and purling. The stockinette stitch which is the easiest one especially for a beginners like me. I made a camera case. It's a bit boring though. -_-
So plain. -_-
I'm still practicing and I'm doing a turban headband right now. :) I think I gotta post the completed turban headband next time. :)

If you already noticed why is it all red yarn? Well, I don't even know why. :)) Hahaha! Doesn't matter I'm still practicing. On my next work, I'll make sure to use other color. :))


  1. When I first started about two years ago, I was worse than you. So with that being say, you already starting off great. Good luck & hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and still am.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! :) I really enjoyed knitting!

  2. I picked up knitting after a looooong break and I was terrible but keep at and don't be afraid to try new things!

    1. Thank you Thakmena! :) As long as I have my yarn, I'll keep knitting and try other things. I wanted to practice more and more before making a hat. I reaaally want that! :)