Monday, October 14, 2013

It's all started in one picture on facebook

A long, shiny, thick healthy hair. Who's girl doesn't want that? Well, yeah. Either long or short hair, girls want to have a perfect hair. Right?

I've never care for my hair before. I didn't even realized that I was already damaging it. I could say it's perfectly DAMAGED! It feels like my hair stopped growing, I have a lots of split ends, it's super dry and veeery brittle and very THIN! It is so unhealthy. My mom noticed it a lot and I was like "I don't mind." How careless can I get?

Until one day I saw these picture on the net.
Dutch Flower Braid
I found it cute so I search for the tutorial on youtube and found Cute Girls Hairstyles's video. If you want to learn it too, here's the link! Dutch Flower Braid CGH Tutorial. After watching that video, I started to try it on myself. It turns fine but not well-made. I have a thin hair so the braid was very tiny and has a lot of hair popping out. (I have layered hair) It was a bit hard since it's my first doing something like that on my hair. I usually just pony my hair at my back or braid it normally. CGH's has a lot of hairstyle tutorial so I've watched different hairstyles. I tried every hairstyles and yeah, it turns so pretty. I've practice every single hairstyles I've learned until braiding has been an easy task for me. Maybe because I've been used to it. (Well.. They say practice makes perfect. It's true.)

After watching lots of hairstyles on YouTube, I've noticed that it's not only the hairstyles are good, also the hair. Their hair was very thick and long, looks so smooth and shiny. While my hair is the other way around. -_-
So I've realized that "I should take good care of my hair too!" I've searched and searched natural remedies that is good to hair. I love using natural. I think it's more effective. I've used coconut oil. I tried to leave it on my hair for an hour or more before I wash my hair and oh, I've learned also that washing your hair everyday is not healthy so now, I only wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week. Some people might think it's dirty but I only want what is good for my hair. I massaged my hair everyday before I go to sleep. Sometimes I used oil. I tried to trimmed my hair every month and yeah, I've noticed my hair has changed. It becomes more soft and shiny. I think that's a big improvement for a start. :)

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