Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fossil/Skeleton leaves

Since I've been in love doing crafts right now. I just remembered something crafty I've done when I was in my 2nd year High school. Actually, it was our project in biology. Our professor taught us how to make a leaf skeleton (or also called a fossil leaf) It was really fun doing this and I think it's good for a decoration. :) The tools are very simple you already have it in your house.

You only need a washing soda, a cooking pot, water, a toothbrush or a paint brush and of course the leaves. :)

First thing you have to do is to place the leaves in the pot. Choose a pot that is enough to put the ingredients inside. (Yeah, we're gonna cook! Haha!) Next is to add maybe 3 cups of washing soda and a same amount of water into the pot of leaves. Open your stove and let it boil... :)

So when you see the water is boiling already, lower your heat and let it simmer. You'll see the leaves are becoming soggy and brown-ish (That's natural) and the water will dry out so before it happens, put some water into it again but don't need to put another washing soda. Anyways, boiling this will take a lot of minutes or hour so be patient. :)

After that, please gently remove your leaves from the pot. You don't want to break your leaves. If the water on the pot is still hot, you could wait for a while to let the water cool.

Now, it's time to use your toothbrush or a brush. (If you're going to use toothbrush, just use your old toothbrush. Doesn't need to be new) then again, gently brush it to remove the excess pulp. Rinsed with water to make it more clean. Blow dry it to dry or just put in into a paper towel then that's it! You already have your own skeleton leaves, perfect for designing! :)

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  1. Wow can't wait to try this Rossane! Thank you for sharing the tip!