Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Treasures for me

Besides doing Crafts and Knitting, there's one more thing that I really like doing, or I think 2 more thing. :)  I love watching Korean dramas, listening to K pop songs, singing K pop songs and I'm learning Korean language. I know now how to read and write Korean. Yaay! and in short, I love Korean. :) the other one I like doing is watching anime. Since what I'm going to tell you are about K pop, (If it isn't so obvious) I'm not going to talk about anime now. Maybe next time. :)

So, yeah I think I'm a bit weird if I'd say that what I called treasures are my posters and albums. :)

We have 5 albums so far and still waiting for the arrival of the other one. Which is Kim Jaejoong's full album. "WWW" I can't wait to see what is inside! I already saw what the poster looks like though. :)

I show to you already my albums, now for the posters. :)

So yeah. That's it! Gotta update you when our order arrives. Sorry, I'm kinda too lazy to write an entry today. Bye for now! :)

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