Friday, November 8, 2013


Hello!Pardon my laziness that I can't maintain writing an entry once in a week. -_-

Anyways, remember the last time I posted something about the neon party I'm going to attend? And yeah, I decided to stick with an orange dress and I found one somewhere.
It is a cocktail dress that I would like to wear. I found lots like these in mall but can't find the color that I like. The Orange. Until I saw these one. Not so similar but at least it's orange. :) Hahaha! 
Sorry if it's a bit blurry. -_-
I got my bangles from my Aunt from Japan. My sis lost the pink one in our province. -_-

I wore silver stilettos. Don't have a close photo. I forgot to took one. I curl my hair by using rollers and I do my own makeup. Oh well, I do everything by my own. I'm so proud. LOL

I enjoyed this party because my closest friends are here, except Mia. -_- Really! I'm so lazy that I don't know now what to say. Just let me share some of my photos with my friends. :)

From Left to Right. Kany, Evan, Phoebe, MC, Rox, Yen, Me, Yvette and SU wearing red :)

I with MC and MC's mom :)

I with Nilo && Kim. Go Orange! <3

From left to right. Phoebe, MC, Veniece, Kim, Yvette, Su and I :)

With my very closest to closest friend of all!

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