Saturday, December 14, 2013

Before I go to sleep, I want to greet my very bias XIA Junsu. It's his 28th birthday today. More birthdays to come and be happy on your birthday! :))

It's already December 15!! Junsu's birthday and the gathering later! Can't wait no more! :> Hope we all enjoy this day! What a great day it has been for me and for my sister. The album we ordered just arrived a while ago. We're so happy that I shouted and jumped! Hahaha! My parents just looked at me like "???"
Here's the photo of the album and the poster.

Oooooh! I really can't wait to put it on our wall. :)) Meet Kim Jae Joong guys! :>

So yeah, I've already take a shower, waxed my leg, curl my hair (It's sock curls btw) and paint my nails, and I should be sleeping already. I have to wake up 4:30 am and it's already 1:37 am. Bye for now! :))

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