Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2G, Junsu's birthday and a Christmas Party Celebration

Hi! I know it's a bit late. I promise to post it after the event but then I got lazy and tired then and I've been a little busy the past weeks. I really have a lots of stories I would like to share. Guess I have to talk about our 2nd Gathering last December 15. It was our first time attending in a gathering though. We all have the same likes and idols called "DBSK/JYJ." We don't know anyone there except for their names but we spoke to each other comfortably like we we're friends for a very long time ago. :D The gathering was fun. It was amazing and successful. My sister and I really enjoy it! We're soo glad that we decided attend on this fan gathering. Now I will share some of our photos. We took hundreds of photos and I can't show it all to you. :)

Gifts for the exchange gifts
The organizer prepared lots of giveaways: The mini standee, DBSK mugs, and a Key chain. There's one more! DBSK charms. It's like a key chain but they forgot to give it to everyone. We'll get ours on the next gathering. :)

DIY Mini Standee that Sis Gha prepared. 

The organizers prepared this mug also.

and these cute key chains with DBSK picture and "Always Keep the Faith" at the back :)
We played games like food relay, quiz and guess the drawing? I don't what is that game called so let's stick with a guess the drawing. LOL.

This is I showing the drawing to sis Aoki. :) My drawing sucks! I don't even know what that is. -_-

Food relay game

We ate, play, watch, talk and laugh together. Everyone's enjoy the gathering. We got a good giveaways and still, there's more! The raffle! :))

These are the raffles. My sister and I got home very lucky for the prizes and gifts that we received. :)

They got these posters and ballers from raffle.
Oh, btw I got picked to play in guess the drawing and my team won. The prize is these magic mug. It is color red but when you put hot water on it, the mug turns white. :)

Magic Mug
On the raffles, I received a Kim Jaejoong baller. Sis Ah Gi Park brought it on Hong Kong :) and my sister received a "Tohoshinki Complete Single-A side collection album" Actually, she won the WWW album in the raffle prize but since we already have that, she asked the person who also win an album (the white one) if they can exchange and luckily she said yes. We're very thankful!

Now, what we received on exchange gifts? :)) Well, I got a Music mag. It has TVXQ's songs there, other Kpop idols and some Japanese songs too! I like it since I love anime. Some Japanese songs there are familiar to me because I've heard it already on animes I've watched before.

And now, what my sister received that really made me shout. :) It's Kim Jae Joong's life size tarpaulin! :D Gosh! Her team didn't win in a quiz game which is the prize should be a Life size Tarpaulin too. But still, we're lucky because she received a gift and Jae joong is her bias. :)

Hoooooray! :D Okay, I know posted too much photos and I'm still not done yet. Pardon me. :)
Here's some of our Photo we took with our new friends :)

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